👋Core Team

Jordan Charters (Founder): A well-known personality in the Polygon space, Jordan Charters has been at the forefront of innovation since 2021. His leadership as the lead business developer for PolyDoge has established him as someone who infuses projects with excitement and quality. His consistency in delivering excellent results highlights his command and credibility in the blockchain sector.

Hato Mato (Chief Artist): With an impressive 16-year career as a freelance artist, Hato Mato's distinctive creativity has left a mark in the Web3 world. His unique style and dedication to innovative artistic expression resonate throughout his work. His accomplishments reflect his ability to blend technology with art, setting industry standards.

Kungfu Kenny (Marketing, Business Development, Story): A key mind behind the project, Kungfu Kenny's role spans marketing, business development, and storytelling. His comprehensive approach and creative writing are integral to the brand's image and direction. He wrote all of this, exemplifying his commitment to the project.

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