Character Diversity

This collection is made up of 4 Unique characters pulled from the SaiyanPEPE multiverse in order to help SaiyanPEPE and his allies defeat the evil Anun'nakai alien race!

Kairu: A multiversal variation of our own SaiyanPEPE, is a master of martial arts, striking with lightning speed and channeling raw power into devastating energy attacks. Different variations exist across the multiverse, each with varying degrees of power. Neka: Neka, a humanoid-cat species called Nekomata, is a graceful and deadly warrior. Her unique combination of stabbing, piercing techniques, and martial arts, all driven by cunning intellect and razor-sharp instincts, make her an unpredictable and formidable opponent. Barburu: Barburu, forged from vibrant gum, can shape and reshape his body into any form. With whimsical magic, knives, and colorful might, he stands as both a feared enemy and a powerful ally in different universes.

Rokinzo: Rokinzo, a collective consciousness of alien robotics, embodies synergy, intelligence, emotion, and mechanics. With martial prowess, energy attacks, and a versatile arsenal, they fight for justice and harmony between machines and humankind. These characters are summoned through the Seishin Ball Dragon from the SaiyanPepe multiverse, adding an extra layer of mystique and excitement to the collection.

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