Function, Utility, and Acquisition Process

Ball 1 - Staking Ball Stake SPEPE to earn Staking Balls. Get free mint access with every 10 Staking Balls, and enjoy a -10% mint price reduction for every 1 Staking Ball used, up to 10 per mint.

Ball 2 - Mint Ball With Mint Balls, qualify for the NFT Rev share pool. Each Mint Ball provides a share of the volume tax distributed to Mint Ball holders through the NFT staking pool. Monthly distributions planned, more depending on what we're doing and volume.

Ball 3 - Burn Ball Receive a guaranteed Energy Type NFT with Burn Balls. Equip your NFT warrior with these Energy NFTs to gain advantages or disadvantages in battles against other energy types. Warriors without energy types equipped suffer a -10% stat penalty against all types of energies.

Ball 4 - Prize Ball Boost your chances of obtaining rarer traits with Prize Balls.

Ball 5 - Quest Ball Quest Balls grant an extra 5 points randomly distributed to your NFT's ability skill points. Enhance your warrior's Attack, Defense, Luck, and Gi. Quest Ball holders receive a total of 85 skill points during the mint.

Ball 6 - Friendship Ball Unlock the chance to mint weapon/accessory NFTs with Friendship Balls. Collect multiple Friendship Balls to increase your odds, stacking up to 10 per mint for a guaranteed 100% chance to mint a weapon NFT alongside your Warrior NFT.

Ball 7 - Lucky Ball Qualify for the Lucky Ball raffle by holding at least one of each of the previous six balls and a minimum of 50,000,000 SPEPE at the moment of the snapshot. Lucky Balls unlock the chance to mint 1/1 NFTs, guarantee rare or higher summonings, and provide a +5 base stats boost.

Please note that we intend to utilize these Balls FOREVER, and utility will very likely be added to each Ball as we develop our project. Seishin Balls stats can change if necessary, we will inform community if this happens

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