Staking, Rewards, and Incentives

Whitelist Access: $SPEPE is used to gain access to Seishin Ball 1, a whitelist for the NFT collection, SaiyanPEPE Warriors.

Burn Mechanism: Some $SPEPE will be burned to gain Seishin Ball 3, further reducing the available supply and potentially increasing scarcity.

Staking and Liquidity Providing: Plans for staking and liquidity provision are underway, offering additional opportunities for earning and participation.

Game Integration: $SPEPE will be a primary currency in the upcoming SaiyanPepe game, with various use-cases like in-game rewards, training or powering up warriors, and purchasing both permanent and temporary power-ups.

By leveraging the $SPEPE token in various aspects of the project, SaiyanPepe aligns incentives across the community, developers, and other stakeholders. This thoughtful design supports a sustainable ecosystem with opportunities for growth, engagement, and long-term value creation.

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